About Us

Eddy’s Northern Whitetails incorporate top-of-the-line whitetail genetics into our herd of northern whitetail deer. Eddy’s Northern Whitetail Deer Farm is structured with the goal of producing large bodied deer with incredible racks. The key to our success is the rich tradition of exceptional genetics and proper selection of bucks to use for breeding purposes.

All deer at Eddy’s Northern Whitetails receive regular treatments of B-Complex, Vitamins A and D, E-Selenium, 8-Way, Safeguard, and Ivomex. Eddy’s Northern Whitetails are CWD, Brucellosis, and Tuberculosis free, and the highest quality of feed and supplements are utilized throughout the year to provide maximum results.

The Eddy Northern Whitetail Deer Farm (shown to the right) is located on 100 acres of farm land 2 1/2 miles North East of Independence, Iowa. Carl J. Eddy and his family began raising deer as a hobby in the early 1980s when they purchased a fawn buck named “Bucky” (pictured below). The Eddy family bottle fed Bucky, and he became a family pet. Bucky, a very docile whitetail buck with a non-typical rack, is the foundation of the bloodline that still exists today at the Eddy Whitetail Deer Farm.

When Bucky reached the age of 1 1/2, the Eddy family expanded their hobby into a small herd by purchasing some of the finest does available in Macon, Missouri. From that point on, the Eddy Whitetail Deer Farm has flourished into a superior herd of some of the finest Northern whitetail deer. Each year we specially select exceptional blood lines to incorporate into our herd, which keeps the Eddy Whitetail Deer Farm as one of the best suppliers of northern whitetail deer in the Midwest.

Licensing & Experience

Carl J. Eddy, founder of Eddy’s Northern Whitetails, is a fully licensed and certified commercial game breeder in the State of Iowa. Carl has over 50 years of experience in farming, and has mastered the art of raising superior Northern whitetail deer after nearly 20 years of experience in the industry.

Contact Information

Please contact us today if you have any questions or would like to schedule a visit to the Eddy Northern Whitetail Deer Farm:

Eddy’s Northern Whitetails
1974 Lee Avenue
Independence, Iowa 50644

Phone: (319) 334-6660 or (319) 361-6660 (ask for Carl)
E-mail: eddywhitetails@yahoo.com