Whitetail Bucks

Eddy’s Northern Whitetails carries some of the best whitetail buck deer in the United States. Our entire blood line is designed to produce large-bodied whitetail bucks with tremendous racks. For over 20 years, Eddy’s Northern Whitetails has specially selected trophy bucks to breed quality whitetail does in order to produce our incredible blood line.

The blood line for Eddy’s Northern Whitetails began with “Bucky”. This enormous whitetail buck carried a non-typical rack with a massive base and incredible spread.

Bucky was eventually auctioned off at Macom, Missouri in 1992. However, Bucky’s blood line and massive body and rack underlies every trophy whitetail produced on our farm. In fact, Bucky’s great grandson is presently the breeder at Eddy’s Northern Whitetails.

Below are some of the trophy bucks born and raised at Eddy’s Northern Whitetails. All of these bucks are descendants of Bucky, which is not difficult to decipher after seeing their exceptional racks.